Heading North Day 8

Mark & Sue Owen
Fri 13 Jul 2012 16:22
34:26.02N 65:21.78W

All is well on board and, with a favourable forecast for the next few days,
we took the decision to continue our passage and not take a break at
Bermuda. This also saves us having to re-establish our watch/sleep patterns
on resuming the trip.

Having been on starboard tack since leaving Antigua, the winds have now
backed sufficiently for us to run goose-winged and still maintain a good

For the first time this trip we were joined by dolphins just after sunset.
As usual they entertained us by swimming in and out of our bow wave.

We had another good night's sailing, though the near full moon at the start
of our passage has waned to a mere sliver. The many stars however continue
to look magical and guide us along.

We now have just under 600 miles to go to our planned landfall of Portland,
Maine and are over two thirds of the way there, so our thoughts are starting
to turn to arrival formalities.