Brewers Bay, St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Mark & Sue Owen
Sat 29 Mar 2014 15:09

18:20.52N 64:58.68W


After re-provisioning at the nearby Amigo supermarket and having reversed our anchor chain to ensure even ‘wear’, we prepared Macushla for sailing again as we had the perfect weather window for a gentle sail to windward from Puerto Rico over to St Thomas.


We’ve been anchored for the past few days in Brewers Bay, with its lovely clean and flat water, and have enjoyed swimming off the boat once more.  The anchorage is tucked in behind the reclaimed land that is the airport runway, though the landing of aircraft doesn’t intrude too much and this is a lovely spot.


As ever, there’s been an addition to the jobs list to keep the on-board engineer out of mischief.  On leaving Puerto Rico we noticed that the depth sounder was displaying a very odd calibration error.  Out came the manuals and skipper ascertained that the battery on the instruments circuit board needed replacing. We took a short walk down the road to the nearby RadioShack for a replacement battery and we are now back in business.