On Passage New Zealand to Fiji- Day 1

Mark & Sue Owen
Tue 14 May 2019 00:07

33:54.03S 175:22.20E

Departed NZ in testing conditions and consequently had to endure a very bumpy first night, but was prepared to sacrifice comfort in order to make some good initial progress. A robust tailwind gusting up to 35 knts and a 3 m following sea made it feel like a long night on a fairground ride, but without the calls of "the louder you scream the faster we go". Fortunately the moon was bright for most of the night so I didn't feel I was just charging blindly into an inky blackness. Still being relatively close to the coast required utmost vigilance and meant I got very little rest during the night, so have been trying to catch up with a few short naps this morning. I hope to settle more into a routine in the coming days, but presently all well on board with only a few niggles to sort. It looks like the whole passage is going to be a rolly affair so cooking, cleaning and routine boat jobs will all be challenging.