Prince Rupert Bay, Dominica

Mark & Sue Owen
Tue 3 Apr 2012 21:01

15:34.90N 61:27.83W


Needing to get further north, we decided to sail overnight, a large moon shining brightly, and passed St Lucia and Martinique.  We prefer to get to know places well and so have left these islands for a future visit.  We arrived at Dominica late afternoon and anchored of the village of Portsmouth in Prince Rupert Bay.


The island is delightful and quite amazing and we have been on a boat trip up the Indian River (no engines allowed, so our guide, Martin, had to row eight of us with an adverse current!).  We’ve been hiking round the Cabrits National Park and also went on a guided hike into the rainforest.


A new country and another flag:


m_IMG_0867.jpg   m_IMG_0877.jpg


Up the Indian River:


m_IMG_1035.jpg   m_IMG_1031.jpg


m_IMG_0990.jpg   m_IMG_0982.jpg  m_IMG_1021.jpg


m_IMG_0976.jpg  m_IMG_0981.jpg  m_IMG_0989.jpg


Hiking in the Rainforest:


m_IMG_1108.jpg  m_IMG_1120.jpg  m_IMG_1118.jpg  m_IMG_1167.jpg