Washington D.C.

Mark & Sue Owen
Thu 8 Nov 2012 14:17

38:52.60N 77:01.49W


We left Nomini Creek on 31st October and headed up the Potomac River.  We had adverse current all the way up as a result of the flood waters and had to navigate our way through the enormous amount of debris and floating logs which had been dislodged by the storm.  We finally reached the Washington Channel anchorage as the light was fading on the evening of 1st November and have since been enjoying another amazing culture frenzy of museums, galleries, memorials and government institutions. 


The White House and the Capitol Building:


m_IMG_3537.jpg  m_IMG_3731.jpg


The Library of Congress:


m_IMG_3798.jpg  m_IMG_3775.jpg


The Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool with the Washington Monument:


m_IMG_3620.jpg  m_IMG_3615.jpg


The Korean War and Martin Luther King Memorials:


m_IMG_3654.jpg  m_IMG_3677.jpg