Akcakoca to Eregli

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Mon 14 Jul 2014 16:33
Position 41:17.149N 31:24.589E

We left early and I was hoping to do about 50nm to Koslu Zonguldak but there was no wind so I decided to have a look at Eregli after 4 hours motoring. Eregli sounded awful in the book as it has the largest steel works in Turkey.

JPEG image

This is what it looked like going in. Not nearly as nasty as Port Talbot used to be.

I met this submarine in the harbour. It was very friendly and kept out of my way. The tug beside it is actually a 'push' as it has a couple of padded prongs on the front to push the sub about.

JPEG image

We anchored inside the harbour next to a sailing club. I made lunch and then the wind woke up so we set off again.

In busy areas anchoring inside harbours is usually forbidden although you can occasionally get away with it. On this coast it is encouraged and it seems wherever you go there is no thought of charging to park. Of course if yacht cruising became popular here then they would fill the harbours with pontoons, call it a Marina and charge accordingly.