Santa Pola to Islas Tabacas and then Alicante

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sun 23 Oct 2011 18:35
Another easy day sailing in light winds. This is the headland east of Santa Pola which was a great disappointment as apparently it isn't the summer residence of Father Christmas.
Before going round the headland I decided to visit the Islas a few miles off.
The building on the skyline looks like a church. Taking pictures into the sun is not the best idea but I wasn't going to circumnavigate the Islas just for a picture. There is a small harbour which the book says you can enter but the chart shows little room and a surfeit of shallowness.
This was as close as I got before turning around and heading for Alicante.
Approaching Alicante harbour. At least this has two lumps of rock to distinguish it. I had to go onto a waiting berth after waiting for a clockwork boat to move. The office was a bit iffy about finding me a berth as the Ocean Volvo races seems to be going on here. They eventually found me one and I wish they hadn't as it was 47 euros which is the record on this trip.
The berth wasn't even a good one with no security at all.
I have tried to get value for money by using lots of water and giving Minka a really good wash.