A couple of days in Milos

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Mon 29 Oct 2012 14:57

Initially I decided to spend a day here after going over to the Ferry terminal to fill up with diesel.



Whilst waiting for the fuel I went and had a drink with John who had helped me moor up. He is a Kiwi living in Scotland who has been stuck here after his charterboat was impounded because of problems with its reliability. We were later joined by Richard a retired Englishman who lives here…….. This became a bit of a session but I had time out whilst I got Minka refuelled.



The picture is probably out of focus due to the effects of alcohol……………. John is on the left.


We stayed in the restaurant most of the afternoon and next morning I was in no fit state to leave so we had a day out on Milos. The Sunday was the Greeks celebration of the day they said no to the Germans so there was a ceremony at the war memorial mostly involving schoolchildren except for a few priests and some politician who read a very long speech with no subtitles.



There was a good turnout with I would guess half the population of 5,000 in attendance. There was a procession of schoolchildren



Marching past the drum band which got a little repetitive. The event was held in that town on the hill which we saw on the way in from the sea.



They do a good line in manhole covers



Before the event we went to Richard’s house which he had built 20 years ago.



It is built into the side of a hill with large terraces



From which you can just see the harbour. Richard has created some art installations from found objects in his garden.



Passed his front door there is a motorway. This is a through road



That’s Milos. I have ended up staying four days altogether as I had to see the Port Police today because someone told them I was in the harbour. We have had very strong winds so probably not a bad thing.