Oroshev Castle

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sun 17 Jul 2011 12:36
We moored alongside a concrete key mostly rafted up by a small town.
 There was a derelict church and next to it were two other churches, a pink one and a blue one.
The town itself looks unloved
This is the supermarket, the bank is at the other end of the block.
The town square which looks a bit better but these buildings are in poor condition, it is only the paint holding them together.
We then went to look at the castle but had to get on a high speed ferry as it is an island.
The castle is quite impressive from the outside.
But the inside is a mess thanks largely to the second world war.
The inside of the chapel with a war memorial to all the Russians who died defending it from the Nazis.
Prior to the war it was used as a prison from about 1909 and this is the only intact cell block.
The photo of the tourist guide notice gives an idea of the layout. Only two of the towers remain.
The church from trhe outside.
We left at about 1600 to cross Lake Ladoga which is more of a sea than a lake.