Drying out and birds

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Fri 12 Mar 2010 08:27
Birds first. I got up early this morning and saw all these little birds roosting on the rail of the next door yacht through the heads porthole. So I took a picture.
There are about 14 tweety birds
Not a good picture so I tried again.
So I gave up. the birds looked a bit like swallows but what would I know.
I got the dinghy out earlier and put the outboard on to go and have a close look at this sandbank to dry out on. The outboard wouldn't start which is pretty unreasonable as it has hardly been used. It is six years old and still not been serviced. Then I remembered the petrol tap and it started first pull!
It is low tide so I had a walk on the sandbank. I decided to put my rubber sailing boots on so I wouldn't get wet feet getting ashore from the dink. The left one leaks so they have gone in the bin which is pretty extravagant as I could have learnt to hop ashore.
This is the sandbank with the dink in the foreground.
The marina is slightly to the right and behind the dink. It looks a very good place to dry her out as it is very flat and nothing hard about to do any damage. High water at 1500 so I will pop across half an hour before and ram her into the sandbank.
The bridge from the sandbank
This is Figueras (opposite side of the river to Ribadeo) taken from the sandbank
There is a shipyard in Figueras which sets off a war time type siren at 0800, 0200 and 1700. Sorry the picture is a bit atmospheric. So now I have to get Minka's legs out and go and buy a grease gun as I forgot to bring one and the Maxprop (feathering propeller) needs greasing whilst I can get at it.