Back on board in Gijon

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sun 28 Feb 2010 21:02
Have now returned to Gijon with two very heavy suitcases full of bits for Minka. Whilst I was back in the UK I had various comments that I was not completing this blog regularly. That and the fact my brother William has just started his sailing blog ( ) has prompted me to try harder. This entry is mostly technical stuff so be warned.
The task list for today included a number of small jobs. I have fitted the new mirror to the cupboard door in the forepeak. This is made of 3mm plastic and the old one had got badly scratched. Whilst ordering that I ordered an additional mirror for forepeak which can be used without taking a tuck in your spine. I brought out a teak frame for this so it matches the mirror in the heads.
I managed to find a bracket to use to mount the Fortress anchor on the stern rail. This is now fitted and works well after a little modifiucation. We are now ready for stern to mooring in the med when we get there.
The 20kg Rocna anchor fits well on the bow-roller but rattles from side to side. It really needs a roller with a groove in it but in the meanwhile the teak wedges that I made and fitted will keep it quiet.
The longest job today was to fit the new rectifiers and internal wiring to the Duogen. This is now all sorted and should work ok but I can't test it until we get some wind to generate electricity. The wind died just as I finished the wiring...........
The original spotlight that was mounted on the radar pole  was rusted away when I took it off the pole. I brought back an LED spotlight which is now mounted and working on the front of the solar frame. Its main purpose is to illuminate the sails so that they can be trimmed at night. Now I have no excuses left, particularly with my new sails.
I took photos of all these little jobs but can't find the lead to download them from my phone. I expect I will trip over it soon and will then put them up.
The main job for tomorrow is to go shopping as I have no fresh food on board and the supermarket was closed today. When I went to check at lunchtime today I found that there was a band playing in the square and some sort of festival going on so I sat on the fountain and enjoyed a relaxing hour in the sun.