Nisos Nisiros to Panormittis, Nisos Simi and on to Fethiye 27,28 June 2013

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Fri 28 Jun 2013 06:37

Position 36:32.964N 27:50.657E Panormittis


The last two days sailing have been great with good strong winds which have now blown us back to Turkey. There is not much to say about Panormittis as I have written about it twice before. We are now anchored in Fethiye and will go ashore to try and sort out all the entry guff for Turkey.


Panormittis is one of my favourite anchorages. It was much busier this time with tripper boats calling in to disgorge loads of tourists for half an hour to see the

monastery and then dash off to do the same somewhere else.




Last time I was here I noticed they had built a new quay alongside the monastery and so we had a go at going on it.




We have been experimenting with downwind sails for the last couple of days and tried using the genoa poled out one side and the code zero the other. Unfortunately with my phone I cannot get far enough back to get a decent photo but know my sailing friends will be interested enough to want to see a rubbish photo…





….or three. The pole isn’t really bent it is a camera thing. The code zero on the port side with an extended pole sheeted back to the spinnaker block.




….and the 140% genoa on the starboard side sheeted back to the sheet winch in the normal way with a barbour hauler to keep the sheet off the lifelines. My best attempt at showing both together.




She sails very well with this rig although it takes some setting up. I am not sure I could do it on my own.


Now we just have about 40nm to Kas Marina where we have to be on the 5th July to get a taxi to the airport and fly home.