Fuengirola to Almerimar

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Mon 31 May 2010 13:34
Another day of no wind so we motored all the way. the coastline seems to be covered in plastic to grow fruit and veg. There also appeared to be snow on the mountains which seemed unlikely as it was very hot.
Looks quite weird.
Almerimar is great with a very welcoming and friendly marina. The facilities are brilliant and I've even had a haircut today as it was getting too hot to have it long. It must have been quite long as the swedish girl who cut it commented there was now more on the floor than on my head.
I have booked two nights here as along with friendly goes cheap. A lot of English liveaboards  who tend to winter here and go off elsewhere in the summer.
The very last one
That is not Minka but another Rival 36. What you can't quite make out on her bum is her name "Hands Off"