Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sat 10 Sep 2011 09:12
The trip down here went smoothly with light winds but it was foggy. We managed to sail for an hour or so. I was in convoy with my Swedish friends and when I got here an English couple I had met in Coruna were anchored in the Bay. We have now been joined by a boat from Northern Ireland. We have all decided to stay here until Monday or Tuesday when the wind is forecast to go our way.
Camarinas is a friendly place and the marina belongs to the yacht club. It is a very reasonable 18 euros a night for Minka including electric, water and wifi. A few photos:
This is looking back out of the entrance to the Ria. It was a gloomy foggy evening when I arrived. That is a church on the headland. As you can see there are quite a few rocks with breakers on them but the entrance is very simple.
Coming up to the harbour wall.
The old harbour. The yacht club pontoons are the other side of the wall on the left There is a very active fishing fleet based here.
I had a good walk around the town yesterday. The main industry here was/is lacemaking. This easily misunderstood statue shows a lady at work.
And this is a real lacemaker working in a small shop. It is astonishing to see the speed she works and at the same time is able to chat to people.
The town itself has a mix of buildings
From the appalling........
to the quaint and......
and charmingly derelict. That is a stuffed animal trying to escape through a hole in the fence.
The sun has come out after a rainy night so I shall do some more exploring today.