Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Fri 1 Jul 2011 09:26
We spent all yesterday in Kotka. Whilst Michael was sorting out various technical problems with Williwaw I went for a walk in search of beer. The town is an interesting mix of architecture with most modern residential buildings being blocks of flats
In the town centre I found two churches of very different styles
of the two I prefer the next one
There are the usual facilities for music lovers
This is in the town square, which has several bars spilling out onto it.
There is some public art
and again but full frontal
and perhaps more interestingly a modern installation
which is beside the church.
For me the most interesting thing was this small plane which was parked in someone's back garden
It seems to be a single seater with a horizontally opposed flat twin engine. There is a machine gun and what looks like a bomb underneath. There is some evidence that it may have had some success
which is slightly worrying. Eventually I came across somewhere to buy beer
but only at first sight as it was a furniture shop holding an abbreviated Sale. In the end I found a supermarket and bought a tray of large cans of beer forgetting that I had 3kms to walk back. On the way back I found a fire station
which has to be the most unlikely building ever. Without the engine you would not have guessed what it was.
The boat yard here has been superb. They arranged for the heater engineer to call this morning (tuesday) and he fixed that and have allowed us to park here for a couple of nights free of charge. They also let us use the internet in their office.
There is an interesting vessel/aircraft in the yard which looks great fun. I wonder if it could be used on snow as well as water.
We will leave here this afternoon heading for somewhere we can check out of Finland where we may stay one night and then head directly for St Petersburg.