Catching up

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sun 17 Jun 2012 07:02

As I have still not got my satellite data link sorted I am relying on wireless for blogging which limits the opportunities to update things. I have been turning the satphone on and off which usually makes it put a position on the blog map.


From Porto Pedro we went on to another anchorage on the NE coast of Mallorca called Cala de Sa Font. We were the only boat in there but there really wasn’t room for more than 3 or 4.



On the way we passed several places where the sea has created large caves which doesn’t seem to stop the locals building over them………….makes drainage very simple.


We had a good sail across to Menorca and anchored in Playa Grande Cala Degallabar. The anchorage is very narrow so you drop your anchor and then back up to a low rocky cliff and secure stern lines to that. Fortunately a young French couple in a dinghy provided assistance as you have to climb the cliff and fix to places where there are natural holes through the rock.



This is the Cala and Minka is just out of sight around the corner.



This picture is looking the other way to a lovely little beach on which was on the way to the supermarket.



Meercats are getting everywhere………….



A final shot of an anchorage in Ciutadella which looked a bit crowded.


Minka  only spent one night here being entertained by some hospitable French people from a group of three yachts.