Denia to San Antonio, Ibiza

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sun 30 Oct 2011 10:05
This trip is nearly 60nm so as I wanted to arrive in daylight I left at 0600. Firstly the compulsory picture of Minka on her berth in Denia Marina.
Whilst in Denia I had a look round and have at last identified a nice looking Spanish built boat. It is the Northwind 47 and looks great on the water. There was a 1990 one for sale in Denia for 169,000 euros.
She has quite a cute derriere.
Or as someone put it "she has eyes in her a*se".
I think this one is called PIXAPO which presumably means something in Spanish.If I was to buy a larger boat it would be something like this. It's ok Minka....... just window shopping!
When we left Denia in the dark it was quite exciting as there was lightning coming from three directions. It was flashing so often it made it very easy to see our way out of the marina and harbour. The journey was quite hard work as the wind kept changing direction and strength. It also rained quite a lot. A few photos approaching Ibiza.
This is the bay where the marina is to the right out of shot.
San Antonio. Finally my favourite picture......
This is the rock at the headland before turning in to San Antonio. It gives a feel for the weather.
Yesterday my friend Mike arrived and he is staying for a week. Unfortunately it looks like being a wet week so we will probably just circumnavigate Ibiza.