Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Thu 4 Mar 2010 18:33
Woke up this morning to a cold grey day. Went outside to thread an aerial cable down through the front starboard leg of the solar panel frame. This already has two 6mm cables in it as well as the iridiun aerial cable which is about 8mm diameter. In theory another 5mm cable should have fitted in but it didn't want to. Meanwhile my hands were freezing in the cold wind. I went below to warm my hands and did the washing up in hot water which gave me an idea. I pumped washing up liquid into the stainless steel tube and the cable fed through very nicely. Note I have avoided a smutty metaphor.
So now all the electronics are sorted and everything is tested and working well. To celebrate this afternoon I washed the decks and superstructure. The light grey dust that was on the deck and coachroof proved very hard to remove. I finished the bottle of washing up liquid. The boat looks a lot better but still not clean.
I have one job left now which is to make some seats to fit in the stern quarters of the pushpit. This involves teak and stainless steel. After that it is just tidying and provisioning.
The Navtex is now working brilliantly giving me Spanish and Portugese weather. It looks like Friday and Saturday there will be gales and it might be worth allowing a while for the seas to calm down so it could be Monday to leave here.
The layout experiment yesterday seemed to work so I am going to use that again but try to put a title by the picture. Nothing worth taking today so I have a pretty naff picture I took last night to experiment with.
Looking across Gijon Marina towards the Square
The weather forecast for tomorrow is more of the same plus rain and wind so I may have a lazy day.