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Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Wed 7 Jul 2010 08:43
My heading sounds a bit like a sequel to a thriller novel. Sorry to disappoint. I flew back here from the UK about a week ago. I had not intended writing the blog for the period I will be staying in and around Mazarron as I am not really going anywhere. However, I have had a few few deskbound friends asking me to carry on so I will do so. My intention is to stay here until the end of August as I have quite a few friends coming out for holidays during this time. Then I am arranging to lift Minka out to antifoul her before either setting off somewhere else or putting her on a hard standing for the winter.
Mazarron is a great place........I have now found a Lidl, what else is needed. The best thing is that I have some good friends who retired out here some years ago and they are being very hospitable and have kindly lent me a car so I can explore a bit further than my legs will pedal. We went to a restaurant the other night and watched the Spain Paraguay match amongst local Spaniards ...............a very lively evening. I am looking forward to the match tonight. I rode my bike the 4 miles back to Minka and the procession of flag waving hooting cars was incredible. I might even get to like football.
I have taken Minka out a couple of times to explore the bays and coves along this coast. It is very beautiful with some small uninhabited islands. Yesterday I decided to have a look at the island immediately to the east of here. The chart showed the inshore passage as going below 5mts so I was very doubtful I could get through. There is a special type of depth sounder here in Spain. No . it is not an audible crunch!. As I was going inshore I noticed a distinct correlation between the number of people watching me and the depth. At three metres they were one row deep and at two it got to a distinct crowd which is when I chickened out much to everyones' disappointment.