Fuel and Leixoes

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sat 11 Sep 2010 14:15
We had much of the same last night  with northerly winds. We used whatever angle they offered and ended up with a 40mile tack out into the Atlantic. That has given us sufficient angle to tack back and go to Leixoes which is just north of Porto. We should be in there by about 8pm tonight. We are having a good sail hard on the wind doing about 6kts boat speed which is knocked back to 5.5 over the ground by the current.
Because we have done a lot of motoring we have to go into Leixoes for diesel. We might have to stop once more before Biscay unless the wind becomes kinder.
We have found water leaking throuigh the deck on the port side of the boat. Having taken the head lining down it looks like trhe joint between the water filler and the deck has opened up. I have taken it off and rebedded it with silicone which I hope has cured it. I suspect that the sun and heat in the med has shrunk the teak deck a little causing the leak. If so I shall expect a few more.
Our current position at 1610 portugese time on Saturday the 11 September is 40 54.76N  8 57.66W. Course 049 speed 5.6SOG