Benidorm and Altea to Denia

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Wed 26 Oct 2011 19:05
Position 38:50.391N  0:07.187E I have just crossed the greenwich meridean so latitudes are now East.
Firstly to backtrack a little as I now have a good wireless connection so can post some photos. On the way to Altea the "cute little island off Benidorm".. Surprisingly, it is called the Isla de Benidorm.
There is a fishing boat you can just see about to ram it. The wind was about 25 kts at this time
This shows the same fishing boat with the the Pte de la Escaleta in the background. It gives a better idea of the sea state.
The harbour in Altea from the marina. Those are the fishing boats I ended up rafted to when the engine cable snapped coming in.
I decided to explore Altea by bike and took this by mistake.
Art or an accident?
I rode along a very long promenade
The Spanish are very good about providing lots of small playgrounds on the beaches. As you can see the beach isn't wonderful as it is mainly stones however, there is a lot of it.
The marina with Minka on the hammerhead.
This morning I left Altea for Denia which is about 25nm. There was very little wind so it was mostly motoring using my shiny new engine cables.
Looking back at Altea with the church on the hill. The landscape is much prettier here than in the very flat parts of the coast where the blocks of flat make up the skyline.
The Cabo de la Nao looking south. There are some really great houses built on the hillside along this part of the coast.
Approaching Denia. In the background is a hill/rock with what I think is a small castle. The rest looks pretty grim from this view. The marina is very modern and well built and reminds me of Mazarron although it is on a much larger scale.
Everything is very well kept and clean. The marinero was very helpful and friendly. He put me on a berth with a fair crosswind but made sure I had a large well padded motorboat downwind to lean on in the downwind berth. The charges are reasonable so I will stay here tomorrow and do a little exploring on my bike.