A day in Villagarcia

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Mon 22 Mar 2010 18:46
The first daylight hours were spent catching up with my sleep. No sign of a mechanic to look at my engine. When I chased up the office about him he was busy elsewhere.
There is a good chandlery at this marina so I had a look round and the only exciting thing I could find was some Engine/bilge cleaner. Having spent a few hours on the engine in recent days I decided to give it a treat. The stuff is magic and it cleaned up really well so now the rust now shows really clearly.
Whilst cleaning it I had another look at the engine mounts and decided to try to adjust them so the engine was in the middle and less likely to bang either side of the bearers when it flexes. It turned out to be quite easy so we will have to see if that has solved the problem until I get somewhere where I can order new engine mounts.
No photos of the engine but a few of the marina to give a feel for the place. The town itself is not very exciting, well not the bits I have found.
Minka is centre of the picture
The countryside around the town is clearly very beautiful.
To the right of the picture is the marina office, chandlery and a bar
I managed to get a good internet connection courtesy of a cafe bar. Unfortunately a large refridgerated lorry has parked between us so I am going to send this via satellite.
We will be leaving here early in the morning heading south. There is a possible gale F8 forecast for Finisterre the day after tomorrow so we will see how the forecast develops tomorrow. If it looks a bit tricky I may go into Bayona which is only 40nm away. If not I shall head for Figueira da Foz which is 160 nm.