Spanish Navy and more Pandas

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sat 24 Jul 2010 17:10
On a whim I decided to sail up to Cartagena today. It is only about twelve miles but took a while as there wasn't much wind. On the way into the port I spotted this navy ship at the dock which rather looks as if they only completed half the payments on it. Maybe David Cameron's new aircraft carriers will be built on the same basis. Let's just hope they order some vertical take off planes to go with them.
Sorry it's not a good picture.
I only stopped in Cartagena for a beer and the marina didn't charge me anything for parking which is a better deal than I got with the the car park a week ago.
Once out of the port I put up the sails and set the autohelm so I could make some lunch. After a couple of minutes I heard this very peculiar deep engine noise so popped my head out of the hatch to be confronted by a Spanish Navy RIB (that's a type of blow up boat) They must have known I was going to be rude about them only buying the front half of their ships as they told me to leave the area as they were about to commence live firing.
I was a bit slow getting my camera so didn't get a close up. There was a helicopter buzzing about but I couldn't get that in the picture. After visiting me they then went to another yacht and proceeded to escort us out of the firing area. It is a strange choice of place for a firing range within a mile of a major port entrance.
Just as I was approaching Mazarron on the way back I spotted the Panda Powered Cat. That's an interesting concept I wonder where the Panda stuffs the bamboo to make the cat go.................
It was a bit deceptive as I thought it had stopped but it seems to only do about two kts and as you can see there is hardly any wake.