Ciftlik to Kucuk Kuyruk 18.4.2013

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sat 20 Apr 2013 08:26

Position 36:37.85N 28:52.9E


The journey to Kucuk Kuyruk was uneventful. We originally anchored for a late lunch but it was so pleasant we decided to stay the night and sail the last 8 nm to Gocek the following morning where we had to drop Colin off for his flight home.



We launched the dinghy and rowed ashore after I had swum out to check the anchor was well dug in as we were on a lee shore.



This is today’s arty picture…..Colin and Phil went off exploring



Which Colin found exhausting…………



………whilst in the background you can see Phil constructing what he called his “Andy Goldsworthy”


We decided to have a barbecue on the beach to celebrate Colin’s last day with us………



Colin is rather worryingly very good at this for a retired fire officer……..later on it got better



With some modest encouragement from me. At this stage Phil gave up on his sculpture as it fell down, like a card house. So he started to collect all the litter on the beach…..



……….and put it on the fire. The finale was when someone nameless put an old hairspray can on the fire. He had obviously had some experience with this as he then ran 50 mts up the beach before the explosion. It is always good to leave on an explosive high note…………..thanks Colin.