Coruna and onwards

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Wed 7 Sep 2011 23:28
I have just looked at my last blog and realised it is a tad abrupt. As I have blogged this coast before my entries on the way down to Gibraltar are likely to be pretty short. That said I have now done a tentative passage plan trying to avoid places I visited last time. I am not sure I should commit this to paper but the route is looking like:
Camerinas, Barona, Povoa de Vazim, Leixoes, Figuera da Foz, Peniche, Lisboa, Sines, Portimao, Chipiona, Barbate, Gibraltar. If all goes to plan that should put me in Gibraltar by the end of the month allowing a few days to poke around the places I missed last time.
Most legs are reasonable day sails so I will get some sleep.
I have stayed in Coruna for three nights as it is such a nice marina and town. I bumped into a lovely Swedish couple who I met last winter in Brighton marina. They are doing a very gentle cruise and expect to winter in Lagos. We shared a bottle of wine and swopped some books.
The supermarket is great here so I have stocked up with fresh goods. On my way I noticed this statue which I think is new, it reminded me of my brother about to adjust the pitch on his propeller......sorry William.
It is actually advertising a Dive School.
Off to Camerinas in the morning.