Ribadeo to Viviero

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sun 14 Mar 2010 20:36
I had planned to stay in Ribadeo for a lazy day but Lizzie came over for lunch and suggested we sail together to Viviero. It was such a lovely day and the wind was good so off we went. The only event on the way was we saw the Search and Rescue boat from Burilo coming straight for us so on the AIS so I thought I might get another picture of an orange boat but they passed us over a mile away.
The wind was sufficient to keep us going at over 7kts for most of the trip. We got into Viviero in daylight so I took a few pictures on the way in.
Pta Roncardoira Lighthouse
This is the point to the East of Viviero before you turn into the ria.
S. Juan de Covas
This is to starboard as you come into the ria. Lots of windturbines in this area. Viviero seems to be sometimes Vivero.
The fishing fleet in Cillero
To get to Vivero you pass the entrance to this harbour. It is obviously a huge and successful business.
We got into Vivero at about 1930 tied up quickly and went to a bar for a drink. Lizzie got a taxi back to Ribadeo to collect her car to drive home. All in all a great day.