Nisos Leros 4.5.2013

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sat 4 May 2013 09:05

Position 37:11.512N 26:48.401E


From Bodrum we managed to sail most of the 44nm to Nisos Leros which is a lovely island. Unfortunately because we wanted to be on the north side of the island we were not in the most charming part. There were a lot of fish farms going into the anchorage but they are well marked and easily avoided. The anchorage itself was quite busy.



As you can see we went ashore to have a look at a large compound for storing yachts which we had seen on the way in.



On the way to the compound we found this section of road which passes an army base but goes nowhere and there was no traffic let alone overtaking.



The compound. There is no marina here but we found out later that it is run by a marina further round the coast. We carried on past the compound, as it was locked, to the airport. We sat in a bar opposite and watched the aeroplane land and take off.



Baggage handling here is very efficient and the passengers were coming out of the airport within 5 minutes of landing. The plane stops just outside the airport building.


We decided to hire a taxi and the driver gave us a mini-tour of the island dropping us outside a restaurant which amazingly belonged to a cousin of his. Coincidences like this make travelling worthwhile.



The bar is very handy and if we came again I would back up like this yacht to the concrete jetty.



In the distant centre of the picture is a centre cockpit Rival 41 with a Dutch flag. Another cutey in the fishing harbour



There are a number of old windmills and a castle on the island.



If we hadn’t been on a schedule to get Sally to Samos for her flight we would have stayed longer here.