Ibiza update

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sat 12 Nov 2011 20:28
The weather has been pretty awful for the last week which is a shame for Michael. However. we have done some sailing. We went from San Antonio to Sabina on Isla Formentera and then through the gap between Ibiza and Formentera up to Ibiza Town. The next day we carried on north to Santa Eulalia where we stayed two days to avoid some nasty weather. On Saturday we sailed back to San Antonio by the southern route so we haven't circumnavigated quite Ibiza Island. The sailing has been interesting with some quite strong but very variable winds. The most interesting was as we were rounding the headland back into San Antonio it veered suddenly by 50 degrees and tried to park us on the rocks as we were being steered by the wind vane.
Since Michael left the weather has improved and I sailed back to Denia two days ago and today sailed south to Altea on my way back to Cartagena where I will leave Minka when I return to the UK for Christmas.
I have been having more technical problems with photos so will try to insert some later. The other technical problem I had today was with the holding tank emptying pump. Not a pleasant job but fixed very simply if somewhat fragrantly.