Cascais to Sines

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Thu 29 Apr 2010 08:19
The weather was again very hot and I was glad of the wind at sea. We sailed most of the way but eventully the wind died. I used the MPG (Multi Purpose Genoa) for the first time since leaving England. This is a very large foresail which replaces the genoa and is helpful making to windward in light winds. It is made of very light material so fills very easily.
The radio was very busy with a Portugese Frigate called, I think, the Vasco da Gama. This was firing live rounds in an area within 1nm of my route. I could clearly hear the explosions and they must be pretty good shots as I didn't see any splashes like in the war films - slightly disappointed. This is the birthplace of Vaco da Gama but before I show a little about Sines (Sinnies) you haven't had one of these for a while
Yes, it's a headland called Cabo Espechal which was directly on my route from Cascais. For once the map should not show me going over the land as I crossed two bays with the Cabo in the middle. You can see how flat the sea was.
Sines is another lovely place with a lot of history. The marina people are very helpful and it cost 14.15 euro but no bottle of wine.
There is a French catermaran here which is being delivered to Turkey. They helped me moor up and then we all went out for a meal together. My failed O Level French was quite useful as one spoke only as much English as I do French. The Skipper is professional but the other three get a free ride for crewing but have to pay for their own food and travel back. This seems a cheap way of sailing but you end up doing some very long legs. Their next stop is Gibraltar (260nm) but the wind direction is against them so we have been looking at forecasts. No WIFI here unfortunately which isn't helpful.
Before they came along I had opened my free bottle of wine from Cascais just in case it doesn't travel. You will be relieved to know the first glass was ok. I am now going shopping and to explore a little. If I have got it right this time Portimao is about 80nm from here. If there is nothing in the town to distract me I will leave this afternoon as there is a favourable wind.