Ormos Prasso to Linaria on Nisos Skiros 7.6.2013

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sun 9 Jun 2013 13:30

Position 38:50.530N 24:32.234E


A light wind sail south back to one of my favourite places. The port chappie is really great here and very helpful and the free water, electricity and wifi are very useful. Coming here from the north this time the shortest route is through a gap between the main island and Nisos Valaxa.



The channel looks quite tight but it shows a minimum depth of 5mts so no problem. When you get closer it is about 100mts wide but the width of the channel over 5mts deep is only about 10mts.



Looking back no problem.



Approaching Linaria. You will notice that their Ferry is nearly bigger than the town.



I had made sure to get here reasonably early because there is limited space for yachts and last time it was full. I moored next to this French catamaran  and the owner and I spent 5 minutes trying to work out where we had met up before only to eventually realise it was here. No more boats came in but this may be because it was Friday and all the charter boats go back to their bases for the changeovers.


I am going to stay here a few days and make use of the free electricity and water to give Minka a spring clean. I have also hired a motorbike for a couple of days so have to go and tour the island and of course visit Rupert Brooke’s grave.