The rally/regatta, whatever

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sun 17 Jul 2011 12:29
We had a meeting with Lena yesterday afternoon and she brought us a T shirt each and a regatta flag for Williwaw. They have also supplied a Russian sim card and other goodies. We have a formal programme for the next two days and it is now clearer what happens when.
The best news is that yesterday Putin finally signed the permit for the Regatta to take place. It is called the AR80  International Sailing Regatta Adventure Race 80DG. We are not involved in the race part which starts from Archangel and involves a circumnavigation of the arctic ice cap. You need a serious arctic equipped boat for this. I have now identified three of the other 8 boats involved but we will meet all the crews at the official opening at lunch time today.
This is the lead boat
which as you can see is a pretty serious bit of kit as are the other two
This is a German boat which is built of aluminium.
and finally the steel Finnish boat.
The marina here is a real contrast to British marinas in that everyone seems to do exactly what they want irrespective of the effect on other people. On one planked pontoon there are not enough cleats so the boat owners have loosened the planks so that they can tie up to the supporting framework. This makes it very interesting as often the planks are left out. There are a lot of jetskis here which think nothing of doing 40kts plus through the gap between the two marinas and they also approach the shore through the bathers flat out. The motor boats do the same. Jetskiers were still at it last night until past midnight but this isn't a noise problem as you can't hear them for the music from the outside disco which is 100mts from our mooring and stops at around 5am. This is still not a problem as that is drowned out by neighbouring motorboats playing competing music at full volume. This has to be the noisiest marina in the world. There is also quite a lot of wake most caused by high speed motorboats but also by jetskis doing donuts inside the marina. I think this is a refreshing change but only as I know we will be leaving on Sunday evening.
The facilities, toilets and showers are very good but there is no hot water after about lunchtime. There is a large stop tap in the gents showers which turns off the water to all the pontoons. If the shower pressure is low then you just turn this off. It usually takes half an hour for anyone to notice so it gives time for a good shower. The reason it improves the pressure is because the hoses are just left running.
We have just been visited by our helpers to check we are ready for the opening ceremony and are wearing our T shirts...............the ceremony is in half an hour so I am just going to send this.