Gouvia - rattles and curios

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Fri 19 Oct 2012 13:48


In a previous blog I mentioned the rattle coming from the drive train. I dived down again to see if I could diagnose it and found the striker blade on the rope cutter fitted behind the propeller had come loose. A diver has just been and after some language difficulties I persuaded him to remove the rope cutter. I had initially thought the prop would have to come off but after looking at the book of words realised the various parts all split.



The diver did really well and I have all the bits so when she is lifted out I can refit it with new delrin pressure washers. That’s the ghostly looking image bottom left. One must have worn out and dropped off causing the striker plate (top left) to rattle against its stop. It is an Ambassador Marine Rope Stripper.


More good news is that the weather has cleared up after 6 days of thunderstorms and we now have a cloudless blue sky. I occupied myself whilst it was raining fitting an automatic electric bilge pump which will enable peace of mind when I have to leave Minka afloat. Looking round Gouvia I have come across a yacht with very beautiful lines



And one which could be described in different terms.



These are the Venitian Shipbuilding sheds



And from inside



A Greek attempt at building an articulated lorry



And for the technical a very beefy power boat stern drive



A  rather pleasant house on the way out of Gouvia



And finally Minka in Kalami Bay where I went to dive and investigate the stern gear rattles.



The horse is tied up round the back.