Update 3rd September 2011 Biscay

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sat 3 Sep 2011 19:43
Position 46:35.506N  6:29.46W   Course 166, SOG 5.5ktself on the windvane
It is now 2030 and gone very dark. The wind got up a bit today so we have been sailing since 1100. The wind is SW so instead of making Coruna on this tack we are headed towards Santander. It is 220 nm to Santander or 200nm to Coruna. They keep promising the wind will go North West but no sign of it yet. We have had up to 25kts true wind today and as it is now forecasting F6/7 I have kept two reefs in the main and two in the genoa. She is steering herself beautifully on the windvane and it very comfortable.
I have only had to alter course for one ship, the Oriana which was on her way to Southampton at 24kts. I think the captain was coming a bit close to give his passengers a look at a small yacht. I frustrated him by tacking away when he got within a mile. He would have come within 400mts if one of us hadn't changed course
I am at last out of the traffic so will be able to take longer catnaps tonight. There are no ships within radar or AIS range and we are over 100nm from the nearest land which makes life easier.