Yasilkoy to Bostanci via Atakoy Marina

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Wed 28 May 2014 10:10

Looking for somewhere reasonably priced to leave Minka near Istanbul is interesting to say the least.

This morning I called into Atakoy Marina which is in the best position for visiting Istanbul. There is a ferry service every 20 minutes. I spoke to the office and the price for Minka (37sq mts) is 79 euros per night or 1,382 euros per month. The latter price is because I need to find somewhere to leave Minka when I fly home for July and August.

So I left there in a hurry after filling up with diesel and set off for Boscanci. Some friends had stayed here for two weeks some 3 years ago but it had been arranged for them by the Marina where they had a contract in Marmaris.

Quite an interesting if short trip with a lot of shipping about. Fortunately most of it was at anchor.

JPEG image

That really doesn't give the full picture. This shot of my AIS screen gives a better idea.

JPEG image

The rings are at 1 mile intervals. The coast of Istanbul is very built up.

JPEG image

I would not be too keen living in a high rise building in an earthquake zone.

Coming into Bostanci one of the floating doctors was coming out.

JPEG image

Bostanci is really a ferry terminal and fishing port. I quite like this old terminal building.

JPEG image

I managed to blag my way into a berth here and have arranged to stay two days. The locals were very helpful and friendly but explained that they were really no longer allowed to berth foreign yachts as the government wants them to stay in marinas.

Although it is very handy for the ferries into Istanbul there are few facilities here. However they are only charging 70TL per day which is about £20.

I will stay two nights so as not to wear out my welcome. I may try catching the ferry to Istanbul tomorrow. Ferries are like buses here I'm terms of frequency and cost.