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Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sat 1 May 2010 14:36
 I got the bike out today to go to the supermarket only to discover that the 1st May is some sort of Bank holiday. How daft is that having a day off on a saturday? So I went for a ride around up towards the headland Ponta da Piedade. On the way I took a picture of the river going up towards the marina.
The steel pole in the middle of the river is the one I very nearly hit on the way in. It is very difficult to see anything against the shore lights at night. By nearly hit I mean that even after full lock it still brushed the fenders hanging over the side............phew! Whilst we are on the subject of emergencies on the way up towards the headland I found another fire station to add to my collection.
The fire engine outside reminded me of those old films with people hanging off the top of the ladder as the engine is driven round sharp corners and under bridges. They don't use this engine as it is too new compared to the ones parked inside :-). Then I had a look at some beaches mostly from the top of the headland.
There are steps to climb down into this bay and some caves in the rocks.
This beach is just beside the entrance to the river, so no climbing needed.
There is a small castle to the left with a very gentle beach beside it. To the right is the river. The mole I am stood on is the port side of the entrance going in.
The largest beach is to the starboard side of the river entrance. Overall this would be a great place for a family holiday with lots to do in the way of water sports and places to visit. I may stay here for a few days or at least until the supermarket opens again.