Sotogrande to Marbella - Fuengirola

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Fri 28 May 2010 09:22
I really need to write every night. I didn't get around to it last night and have already forgotten everything. The maximum wind I had on the way to Marbella was 12kts. As it was nearly a run I had the spinnaker up most of the way. Eventually the wind died altogether so we motored the last few miles.
We got there at 1415 and moored up to the fuel pontoon as directed in the almanac. I couldn't get off this berth as it was locked. However the notice said it opened again at 1630. So I had a beer and a sleep. Woke up at 1630 and there was no sign of anyone. So I presumed my usual problem of being at least one hour out on local time. By 1800 I concluded it wasn't just me so I climbed out of my cage and went and found the office. Did the necessary and paid 11.77 euros (which I was very happy about).
The nice lady said a marinero would help with my lines and I assumed he would unlock the fuel pontoon, but no, so I climbed back in and set off around the marina in Minka looking for the marinero. Eventually found him hiding behind a big yacht and he then directed me to the nearest space so he could take my lines without getting up.........a slight exaggeration. So I backed in between two boats..........
and started trying to fix a plank to get ashore. I have now given up with this as it is easier to climb over the wind vane.
I had a walk around Marbella and it didn't seem my sort of place. It even beats Gibraltar for horrid blocks of flats. The final straw was that they describe part of it as the golden mile....On the bright side this morning I found a great supermarket which sold fresh bread and donuts. Went back to the boat and consumed them. The water was very rough in the marina and I was beginning to clunk the boats next door so I decided to leave. Untied her and pulled out.......  the gap I had been in between the boats disappeared like a footprint in wet sand.
I had decided to go to Malaga but didn't like the write up in the almanac, particularly the entrance facing the weather, so aimed for Fuengirola instead. I think it sounded more attractive anyway. The wind was largely behind me so I unrolled the genoa and we had a great run with the wind peaking at 32 kts. The first bit was a bit lively as the waves were on the beam and some were breaking gently.
Came into Fuengirola and tied up to the reception berth with 20kts on the nose and a French boat just behind......fortunately I got the headline on first time. The French came back from the office complaining about wet paint. I just ignored them and set off to the office and then realised they had been painting the concrete pontoons very liberally. I got to the pontoon gate.........locked and nobody around. I climbed along the side of the fence leaving red footprints all over it. Found the office, there is never a sign, and paid 20euros. Paid another 30 deposit on a key as I was bored with playing monkeys. Got Minka and set off on another game of hunt the marinero. Gave up and backed into the berth they had given me. Lassoed (sp) the bollard and sorted her out. A nice German came and helped when I'd finished.
You are probably getting bored of pictures of Minka's bum but it is very shapely and every time I moor her backwards I feel a bottle of champagne coming on. The trouble is I have now decided it is easier when you don't have side pontoons as I can lasso the jetty bollards without coming off the helm. I like this place as it has nice flat water and  two chandleries.
If this wind keeps up I may try to make it to Almerimar tomorrow. I have now fallen off the end of the electronic world as I do not have a chart chip beyond here. The world is flat.