Drying out

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Fri 12 Mar 2010 19:33
Firstly, I did manage to buy a grease gun (Bomba Engrase) and a very good one at that. At high tide (1500) we motored across to this sandbank which we rammed very gently. I put the Fortress kedge anchor out of the stern and let her settle to the tide.
Minka on her legs
The shipyard is in the background.She was only 3 degrees out of level which I thought was quite good but it was quite noticeable on board. For non-sailors the black ball in the rigging is the day mark to indicate she is anchored.
The anode on the Maxprop had disappeared altogether. This is the problem with having spent so much time in Brighjton and Gijon marinas. There is a lot of elektrickery floating about in the water tryng to turn Minka into a  battery.
Not a pretty site
A bit better
The anode goes on the round bit nearest us. As you can see there is quite a lot of pitting so I can't leave it so long before changing the anode again. In warmer climes it won't be a problem as it will be easy to dive down and do it. The clearer water will help. Whilst the tide was going out I went round the hull scrubbing all the weed off the waterline. The antifoul is getting thin so I will have to something about that in the next few months.
The finished job with the anode fitted.
We should float off at about 0300 so I will get up and go back into the marina. As you can see it was getting dark when I finished.