Nisos Skiros, the bike tour, day two the north of the island 9.6.2013

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sun 9 Jun 2013 14:12

The first thing I came across going north was a Marina which was built a few years ago but never commissioned. This sort of thing is not unusual in Greece. There was one yacht in there and a few local fishing boats.



The story is that it wasn’t used because the entrance is impassable in strong northerlies which are the prevailing winds in the summer.





The starboard light coming in looks like it needs a new bulb.



A more distant view which gives an idea of the size of the venture. On a smaller scale this is the harbour at Molos just north of the chora which can be seen in the background.



They could have usefully spent some money here.



On the theme of ruins this is a bronze age settlement.




There was nobody in when I got there, either I was late or it was because it was a Sunday. They had a good view……



….and a sandy beach. There are some great views as you get higher…..



……but that’s enough. This is looking down on the harbour at Pefkos. This must be ancient as some of the harbour wall is made of huge slabs of marble.


That’s Skiros….a place not to be missed…….I shall be back, but not this year. I now have a few days to get to Athens to pick up a new crew member on the 16th.