Grand Torres to Portoscuso

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Tue 26 Jun 2012 08:58


Position 39:12.13N 8:22.82E


Leaving the moorings looking north


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The headland from inside the bay


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The wind was again very kind and the sea state smooth for this 40nm trip. I took a photo of the landscape


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This stretch of coast is not developed or populated. I passed one harbour where there is a marina but it can only take yachts up to 10mts so from our perspective is very aptly named Buggerru.


As we approached the south east corner of Sardinia I had a bit of fun trying to dodge a fishing net which stretched out from the coast about two miles. I got close enough to see all the lines joining the floats on the surface. There were no navigation buoys to mark it and at first I assumed it was a series of pot markers. When I got into Portoscuso I took this photo of the anchors they use to secure the nets to the bottom.


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They are at least two metre long so if I had got tangled in the net I don’t think I would have pulled them out.


There are a lot of rocks around this corner of Sardinia so we went in to Portoscuso very slowly.


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The entrance is to the right of the picture. Below the tower there are some unmarked rocks.


Coming in  I called the marina on the radio but we had a language problem so by dint of very eloquent sign language we were directed to a pontoon berth and two chappianos helped us to berth. It is a very pleasant marina but Minka is the only non Italian yacht here.


They don’t always berth here successfully.


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I have yet to have a look around town but have managed to find an unsecured wifi link hence the blogs.