Preveza to Ioannou and then Petriti (Corfu)

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Thu 19 Jul 2012 16:00

These trips going north are mostly motoring with an occasional decent sail in the afternoon when the wind seems to pick up for a couple of hours. Ioannu is a bay with a beach with a café/tavern and not much else.



It was very quiet with a few families on the beach and three other boats at anchor.



I know that is only two, the other one was tucked in another little bay on the right.



On the way to Corfu we passed this rock which has a little chapel on it. How people get to it heaven knows as there didn’t seem to be a landing place.



Approaching Petriti (Corfu)



There is a little harbour we could have used but in this heat an anchorage is much cooler. I went ashore to this taverna, bought a beer and got the wifi password which I can now access from Minka.


Some boats may not always anchor securely



This was a well built steel boat but it appears completely abandoned.



Tomorrow we continue north up the east coast of Corfu with the aim to get to Gouvia Marina in a day or two so I can sort out leaving Minka there when I fly back on the 1st August………….hopefully to some cooler weather.