The River Svir

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sun 17 Jul 2011 12:39
Position N60 44.09 E033 34.01
We left the anchorage at 1800 after a three hour stop but no rest for the slower boats to go up this river. The initial stages are quite marshy before it becomes heavily wooded. At place it is over a mile wide buit the channel can be as narrow as 50 mts where you have to give way to ships coming down.
There are a few modern summer houses mostly made of timber.
They look idyllic but this river and the lake are frozen over in winter. We steamed up the river until 0300 when we moored up to some lumps of concrete to await the next bridge to open in the morning.
In the morning we were told by some authoritarian chap that we couldn't moor here as it was a waiting berth for large ships so we moved onto our anchor. I had a chance to study more closely one of the Russian yachts whose crew I had thought lived on beer and cigarettes. However, it is a much more diverse than that as breakfast is Vodka out of a stainless steel jerry can and cigarettes. The boat is a work in progress
There is a webasto heater lying on deck waiting to be fitted and the galley cooker is put in the cockpit to use. It is a terrific boat and easily the fastest after the lead boat.
This morning there was some confusion and these two boats set off still rafted together.
Now waiting for the bridge to open.