Luarca and Ribadeo

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Wed 10 Mar 2010 19:30
We had a good sail to Ribadeo (43 degrees 32.395 N 7 degrees 02.181 W). It was a good bit more than 18nm, which was a guess, but we still made good time as the wind was a pretty consistent 20kts. There was quite a swell and one wave very unexpectedly broke into the cockpit. I had not bothered putting my boots on so had a nice cold paddle in my deck shoes whilst it drained away.
This seems an interesting place and I will stay here at least two nights so I can have a good look around. So far I have only been to the office to clock in. Including electricity and water it costs 14.76 euros a night. This is very good value compared to the south coast of England which averages about twice that. I may stay longer.......... At least it is very well sheltered so I should not get tipped out of my bunk as I was in Luarca.
My photos (definitely snap shots) on the trip are awful. Because of the swell and the problem that digital cameras seem to take the photo when they want, I only have two to post. They will be bigger this time as I have found a "free" internet connection. I should explain I have a powered omni directional external aerial for my WIFI and can pick up other peoples wireless connections up to half a mile away. Some kind people in hotels and bars have unsecured connections.
Firstly I mentioned yesterday sailing with one sail out each side. I was at it again today so took a photo.
Wing to wing or goosewinged
Sorry I couldn't get further away to get all the of the sails in. I suppose I could have towed the dinghy and sat in that..........
The other of today's photos shows the coast at a headland called San Sebastian (not that one).
San Sebastian
The thing that looks like a small mountain is a rock. I am not sure if you can sail inside it but I wasn't up for that.
As I have this connection I will post a few more of Luarca.
The first shows where the river enters the harbour. The second looks back towards the inner harbour entrance which is top left just beyond the easy jet rescue craft. The building in the centre has some very unusual windows on the top three stories which are hard to see in this photo. I may have another. I think the third photo is the town hall as it faces an open square type area.
Found it, but it is still difficult to see clearly. In effect the top three stories are all window frame. The railway viaduct is quite impressive hanging above the houses. The final shot is to the East of the harbour entrance which is where the cruising guide suggests you might like to anchor. It is hard in the photo to see quite how rough it is and the waves breaking over the rocks.
These photos are laid out in two rows of three on my machine. It will be interesting to see how they appear on the blog.