Vivero to Coruna

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Tue 16 Mar 2010 10:18
An early start at 0630 whilst still dark to make the best of the 60nm trip. Once out of the shelter of Vivero Bay the wind was15 to 25 kts sailing downwind like a gentleman. Then at 1100 the wind died completely so we motored the rest of the way.
Took a few photos on the way.
The lighthouse leaving Vivero Bay
This trip was a whole series of headlands with lighthouses on them. These rocky headlands aree interspersed with some wide sandy beaches. Lizzie told me that the coast is known as the Costa del Morte which from a mariners point of view is understandable. With an old square rigger you could easily be in a position where you couldn't beat off a lee shore. The equivalent of 50 miles of Hell's Mouth on the Lleyn Peninsula.
Just to prove I did see the dawn
I took eight shots to get one with the horizon reasonably level. The sea was the flattest I have seen out here.
A few rocks
Despite this picture they are very few rocks more than one cable off shore so I was able to keep inshore all the way. If you look at the map I had a go at putting in some intermediate. You get a little square symbol on the map if I turn the Iridium phone off and then on again.It seems you have to leave it off for a few minutes. At least this way it doesn't look like Minka was on a low loader.
Another headland, another lighthouse
This one was very imposing which does not show in the picture.
Coming into Coruna the locals seemed to be determined to ram us. This little fishing boat was rushing about changing course all the time. I think they were chucking out lobster pots but he was in the middle of the fairway going into the harbour.
He is only 20 mts off my stern ..........
and to achieve that he altered course at the last moment. I had already steered out of his way three times.
And then there was the big one.....
 She was being escorted by a pilot boat
Just as I was approaching the harbour wall this popped out.
So a good trip despite having to run the engine. When the wind died it was very warm in the sun so I had a snooze on the inverted inflatable dinghy stored on the foredeck. You can't hear the engine there either.
Coruna looks interesting. I haven't been out yet. The Marina Coruna is only two years old which is why on the map it doesn't show any pontoons. They are here and very solid. The staff drive around them at high speed in a six seat golf buggy so H&S has not got here yet. The facilities are excellent including free WIFI, hence all the pictures, and there is plenty of room.  I am now going to have a look around the town.