Nisos Astipalaia and Nisos Nisiros

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Wed 26 Jun 2013 13:27

Position 36:32.845N 026:21.268E Nisos Astipalaia


The journey from Thiros was virtually all motoring due to lack of wind which was a nuisance as it was about 50nm.  The place looked promising…



…as we came in with the sun in our eyes. We were later than usual because a lovely Dutch boat had rafted to us late the night before and I didn’t think it fair to wake them up too early.



You can just about make out the town. We backed up to the quay dropping the anchor on the way but couldn’t get much scope because of the depth and some local boat mooring buoys. After we were moored we tried to tighten the anchor but it was just dragging on a rocky bottom. After a beer we got out the 45lb CQR anchor that Minka came with as well as 10mts of chain and 50 mts of rope. I rowed the anchor out in the dinghy and dropped it in 2mts of water. That held well when David tightened it up so we were fine.


In the meanwhile the port police had been round and demanded a visit to the office. On the way I spotted a small boat designed for David to take back to New Zealand.



After half an hour in the Police office I was charged 8 euros which was fine. We also had to buy some water as I had filled up with free water in Thiros and it tasted disgusting even through the filter. That was only 5 euros for the hose and another beaming smile from Ileas the waterman.


After all the faffing about with the anchor we treated ourselves to a meal with a view of the harbour.



The following morning we aimed to leave at about 7am but after we moored another boat came in. They promised us that they had not crossed anchor chains but watching them from the restaurant this seemed doubtful. The task was to lift our main anchor which was still out and then lift the CQR which does not have a windlass.


The main anchor came up fine. We pulled up the CQR and brought our neighbours anchor and chain with it. After a lot of messing about because their chain was twisted round our anchor fluke we got it up and then relaid their anchor for them.


We had a great 40nm sail to Nisos Nisiros which is where earlier in the year we hired motorbikes and went rallying.


Tomorrow we are aiming for an anchorage on Nisos Simi where I have been twice before.