Nisos Alonissos 19.5.2013

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sun 19 May 2013 16:26

Position 39:08.667N 23:51.919E


The plan was to leave Skyros early as Skiathos was about 60nm. The early bit worked ok and we left at 0600 but first the sun setting over the ferry.



Now some early morning shots



And another



This one shows the gap between islands that we came through to go north.  A final one



As you can see there was no wind so we motored past an island Nisos Skantzoura



And then two islands



Well they are rocks really. Finally Alonissos ……so what happened to Skiathos? Some 20 odd years ago Phil spent some time on a boat out here with a girlfriend. He wanted to visit the bay where they anchored so we did……



…stopping there for a couple of hours for a swim and a nostalgic dip for Phil.


This was all too much so we then motored the 2 miles to Patriti harbour.




A quick tour found something for Colin….



…and another for Dave’s collection



The town is reasonably busy and comparatively large. There are two settlements within a mile or so which we sailed past.



The posher end of town



The high street



Altogether a great place for visitors. Tomorrow we may go to Skiathos if we don’t get distracted again by Phil’s nostalgic reminiscences.