Kyrenia Girne

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Mon 18 Nov 2013 08:28

We left Kapaz Gate Marina just as the sun came up around 6am to make sure we got into Kyrenia in daylight. It was uninspiring trip relieved by a few hours of downwind sailing but the quartering sea kept rolling Minka so the sails kept emptying and filling with the usual flapping noises. In the end I lost patience and motored. On the way we called in to look at Cyprium Bay Marina which was clearly marked on the Navionics chart on my Ipad. I managed to sail over the top of the breakwater because it does not exist. My first experience of a virtual marina. There were lots of caravans and tents and about 30 workmen stood and watched as I sailed into the non- marina.

Phil the friend I sailed with earlier in the year has a sister and friends who live in Northern Cyprus and he had kindly arranged for me to moor alongside a friends boat in the old harbour.

JPEG image

A nice Turkish chap had got there before me so we ended up as a raft of three. There are a few projects in the harbour.

JPEG image

Kyrenia is a great place and the mooring is just under the castle wall. I have just taken the next picture looking out over the harbour whilst I have a coffee in a cafe. You can see some evidence of the history of the place in the photo. I will visit the castle today and explore the town.

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The photos taken on my Ipad do not seem to be able to be reduced so the blog typeface has shrunk. I am working on how to fix this. You can probably see in this photo it is overcast and we had a lot of rain in the night.