Kucuk Kuyruk to Gocek and around

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Wed 24 Apr 2013 06:51

Position 36:38.474N 28:51.388E  Ruin Bay


We said our explosive farewell to this delightful bay and sailed a few miles to Gocek Marina. Colin took a cab from there to the airport. We stayed one night here enjoying the luxurious showers and other facilities all for the modest sum of 55 euros a night. What was worst is we had our laundry done and they charged the best part of £50……………..between Phil and me our combined wardrobe is probably not worth that much……ouch.


Our new crew Sally is joining us today, the 24th, so Phil and I have filled in the time since Colin left visiting a few anchorages around Gocek. These include Ruin Bay.



The ruin is built up out of the water on a natural rock platform. It is hard to figure out what it was but there is evidence that most of the spaces had vaulted ceilings with remains of arches showing.



The floors look a little damp………………..



…..but there is a great view out of the windows. Next door there is another bay called Wall Bay. Yes it has a wall which I hope you can see in this picture



Opposite the wall there is a parking space for flotillas with the necessary bar



I have spent a little time dealing with some technical stuff. The alternator decided to make a break for it by shearing off its bolt. It did well as it was a 10mm bolt which was easily replaced. The watermaker is now plumbed into its own seacock which Dave and I fitted before Minka was launched in March.


We are now back in Gocek and will leave to head northwards up the Turkish coast either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.