Fetiye to Fersane Adasi 12.4.2013

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Fri 12 Apr 2013 18:03

Position 36:40.553N 028:54.952E


Fetiye is not particularly memorable as it was mostly rebuilt after an earthquake. There are loads of Gulets




A square




A statue of the first Turkish aviator




Who crashed and died and some interesting hedge things




So that’s Fetiye………………Tersane Adasi is a lovely bay with a few ruins where we anchored overnight next to a Norwegian who could most politely be called a sociable man. In fact he was as sociable as a newt drowning in cider. The trip was quite short and we sailed all the way with the wind backing to help us.




Our Norwegian friend’s boat with an enormous gulet that came in and stayed for a couple of hours. I allowed the crew to test the dinghy




Which seems to be holding air. We had a look around the ruins and had a drink in the bar.




A slightly arty one




Minka is hidden behind a leaf




The bar which has a few pontoons outside, and the charming daughter of the owners




Yes that has got Minka in the background. Later on we had a swim and found Phil had swum to the bar like an aquatic homing pigeon so I had to go and rescue him in the dinghy with some cash to pay his bill. The anchorage was very still …….. I had a good night’s sleep but Colin had some problems and had to accept that Phil is the world champion at snoring. Like a true friend Colin recorded Phil’s performance on his phone and played it back later.