River Svir 8.7.2011 Part 2.

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Sun 17 Jul 2011 12:43
We set off this morning at 0400 to catch a bridge opening. We got there a bit early so were supposed to anchor. The lead boat hitched itself to a starboard hand buoy and we just tied onto it via the small yacht that it tows.
When we saw the bridge begin to open we set off.
They only open the bridges enough for the tallest vessel which is the lead boat. It seemed to only clear by a foot but I am sure it must have been a bit more.
I have been surprised by this journey as with the large ships I had expected there to be some large towns on the way. Mostly there are just trees interspersed with occasional small villages.
and some individual houses.
We passed through another large lock and were able to go straight in.
This lock has new and quite sophisticated rising hooks
which is just as well as we went up about 30 feet
and this is the lock filled up which took less than five minutes.
It is now 2200 and we expect to keep going for another 20 hours but we will shortly be entering the next lake so can start sailing again. The current has dropped off a lot now and we have had between 1 to 2kts against us.