Archangelsk to Kirkenes - part one

Minka of Southampton - Cruising Log
Edmund Wigan
Wed 27 Jul 2011 07:24
We have now been going for a day and a half and making good progress. Last night we came up to a coastguard cutter who had obviously been waiting for us. He called us up on VHF and asked us to identify ourselves and wanted to know where Seeadler and Bagatela were. We only knew they were at least twenty miles behind us as they had been out of radio contact for over 12 hours.
They approved our request to anchor overnight in a bay
Yes, that is snow on the land. It was a quite shallow rocky bottom and next morning we left on a low tide so the skipper took the opportunity to check the keel was well bolted on. We had expected that the other two boats would have caught us up overnight but there was no sign of them. However the coastguard cutter had followed us up the coast and was two miles off our anchorage.
I think you can just see it in this picture. Michael called them up and they told us trhat Seeadler was 45 nm behind us. They kindly approved an anchorage for us to stay in tonight which we should get to by midnight. Michael has just discovered that the water tank has emptied itself into the bilges so we may press on to Kirkenes overnight although it isn't a problem as we have plenty of beer and a couple of canisters of water. The sea water here is not very salty so it is fine for washing and washing up.